Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fun Facts About Maureen Johnson

Fact #1 is that I have 2 of her books on 2 different challenge lists this year - Key to the Golden Firebird and Scarlett Fever! (Okay, that's not really a "fun fact" - I'll start again!)

1. Her birthday is coming up - February 16.

2. She shares her name with a character from Rent, but assures us she was here first.

3. Her books are currently published in the following languages (other than English, obviously): French, German, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Catalan, Croatian, Romanian, Dutch, and Turkish.

4. She has this to say about people who ban books: "Banners . . . they love to ban. It makes them feel important."

5. While she hasn't seen Hamlet performed on unicycles (found in Suite Scarlett) she has seen "Shakespeare sets comprised entirely of fruit."

Here is a picture of her, isn't she pretty?

And here is a link to a list of her books!

For the second part of the assignment, here are some other people's posts about authors I like!

Puss Reboots looked at Nick Bantock - his Griffin and Sabine books are amazing.

At Other Stories we have Michel Faber - I couldn't put down The Crimson Petal and the White.

Melissa chose the fantabulous Mo Willems - fantabulous sums him up! :-)

And since my husband is reading one of his books right now and because Suey's great, here's her post on Brandon Sanderson.

DanaB posted about the wonderful Maeve Binchy.


Suey said...

I love all her books too. She is quite the silly girl. Have you seen her filling in for John Green for his Vlogbrothers videos? Silly girl I say.

tinylittlelibrarian said...

I have not seen that, I'll have to check it out. I loves me some silly!

Ceri said...

I know Maureen from her YT channel and from the Vlogbrothers videos. She's so quirky and hilarious. I'm definitely going to have to read some of her books. :D

DanaB said...

I so enjoyed reading your post today--and am excited to have a new author to explore for myself and my teenaged daughter!! I linked to you on my post ;)