Saturday, February 6, 2010

Review: Passion

Passion by Louise Bagshawe
3.25 stars

Reason for reading: I've enjoyed her other books

Description: "A super-charged, irresistible tour de force about two people fighting their own feelings - and fighting for their lives... A failed marriage between Melissa Elmett and Will Hyde did a lot of damage. She was too young, he was hurt when she left him. Years later, Melissa becomes the target for a kidnap plot, a consequence of her father’s ground-breaking energy-saving invention, and Will is the only man who can protect her. Now they’re on the run, thrown together again by the pursuit of vengeance, will their passion for each other reignite?"

First line: "Dimitri slid the photograph across the desk."

My thoughts: I've really enjoyed some of Bagshawe's bonkbusters, like Sparkles, but this one was just okay. The spy element (as one description called it, "James Bond for girls!" - ick) was an interesting idea, but for all his super-spydom, Will Hyde seemed to make some pretty obvious mistakes, that even I could figure out. I found myself saying things like, "Wouldn't a person be able to gain entry through there?" "Would he know they'd follow him to the safe house?" And the "passion" doesn't get reignited until Melissa miraculously changes her body after a few days of working out and dyes her hair red. I liked that the master assassin was a woman, but, of course she's no match for the hero of the story in the end.

The verdict: An okay chick lit read, but not one of Bagshawe's best.

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