Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blog Improvement Project Week 1

How weird is this? I was just thinking this weekend that my blog isn't interesting enough and lo and behold, the Blog Improvement Project is starting - just what I need!

This week's task is to create a blogging to-do list of what you want to improve. I'm a bit worried about what I should do because I don't think this is ever going to be a really, really impressive blog - I have no graphics capabilities myself, don't want to pay for any or any other bells and whistles, I'm not very technical, and I'm just not a Twitter/Facebook person. But that doesn't mean I can't do some stuff to improve what I've got.

I'd like to:

- make commenting friendlier/easier - I've just put in the word verification because I was getting spam, but I'll try a different route; I also want to try asking more comment-inducing questions

- work on engaging with the book blogging community more - I try to visit other blogs and post comments a lot, but it usually ends up being done in one big rush and then I don't visit many others for a while

- figure out how to add subscribe by e-mail/RSS links

- while this will always be mainly a book blog, try and include other types of posts

- look at improving the sidebars

Hmmmm....I think mainly I need to get my blogging self-confidence up! If you think you're lame, others will, too. :-)


Anonymous said...

You are the opposite of lame :)

tinylittlelibrarian said...

Aw, thanks! You're sweet. :)

Jackie (Farm Lane Books) said...

Thank you for joining BIP! I think blogging self confidence is one of the most important things. I hope that the BIP improves yours!

It looks like you have a good blog here, so keep up the good work!