Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Review: Bewitching Season

Bewitching Season by Marissa Doyle
3 stars

Reasons for reading: Sounded fun; last Sisters book for the Themed Reading Challenge

"In 1837 London, young daughters of viscounts pined for handsome, titled husbands, not careers. And certainly not careers in magic. At least, most of them didn’t.Shy, studious Persephone Leland would far rather devote herself to her secret magic studies than enter society and look for a suitable husband. But right as the inevitable season for "coming out" is about to begin, Persy and her twin sister discover that their governess in magic has been kidnapped as part of a plot to gain control of the soon-to-be Queen Victoria. Racing through Mayfair ballrooms and royal palaces, the sisters overcome bad millinery, shady royal spinsters, and a mysterious Irish wizard. And along the way, Persy learns that husband hunting isn’t such an odious task after all, if you can find the right quarry."

First line: "My God, Persy, you killed him!"

My thoughts: This book was equal parts cute and adventurous, with a great historical setting. I really liked that it featured Queen Victoria as a young girl, not the portly, austere lady we normally associate with her. The mythical names were fun - Persephone, Penelope, Melusine, Lorelei... There's romance and gorgeous gowns and intrigue and danger - a bit like The Luxe, but much more innocent, and with a magical twist. It was fun that the girls were twins - I was glad to have twin sisters on my list for the Themed Reading Challenge. They weren't sickeningly twinny and they did quarrel, but overall they were still each others' other half and best friend. They were a bit stereotypical - one's bookish, the other's flirty, but they both managed to be more than that, Persy especially, as she gained confidence over the course of the book.

The verdict: A light, fun read for fans of magic and/or historical romances.

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