Friday, November 21, 2008

Review: Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
3.5 stars

I've been putting off reviewing this one because it's such a crazy-hot book that everyone's already talked about and I don't think I have much that's new or interesting to add to the discussion. I'm also amibivalent about it - I enjoyed the series but had some reservations about the writing in the last few books. But when I did the Weekly Geeks ask a question about a book I haven't reviewed thing, I got a couple of questions, so I'll just go with those.

Heather J asked:
Breaking Dawn - how does it compare to the other books in the series (I haven't read them yet, but I'll get around to it!)?

Hmmm.....well, I found the books, like the Harry Potter books, got longer and less entertaining as the series went on. I loved Twilight - 5 stars, thought it was really fresh and really something that teens would love reading. And while I wanted to find out what happened, I found them getting harder to slog through. Meyer really loves flowery prose and repetition, I find. She won't use one paragraph if she can use several pages. And by the 4th book, at 754 pages, I thought she really needed a good editor. I felt there were a lot of sections she could've left out and, without adding a spoiler, some parts were really creepy in a not-good way.

Lightheaded asks:
What do you think of the Volturi resolution? I ask because it's the thing that disappointed me :)

I agree, it was rather disappointing. It felt like there had been sooooo much waiting around for them to show up and then there just wasn't much action. I was glad of the happy ending, but something a bit more climactic would've been good.

Final verdict? I don't think we need another book in this series, but apparently there's going to be one. I honestly don't know if I'll end up reading it, I feel really OD'd on Edward and Bella and their forever perfect love. The series definitely has its moments and has turned into a phenomenon, but just because the characters can live forever, it doesn't mean the series has to. I am looking forward to the Twilight movie, though! :-)


Janssen said...

Just saw the movie today. . .it was much better than I expected.

alisonwonderland said...

i'm going to the movie on monday with some of my book club members (we read Twilight together in 2007) and my two daughters. have you see it yet?

tinylittlelibrarian said...

Janssen - I'm glad to hear it, I wasn't 100% sure from the ads.

Alison - No, I've got a date with a bunch of women from work who've all read it to see it in December - that was the soonest we could all go together. Hope you three enjoy it, though!

Julie said...

I haven't read any of this series and I don't want to. It took me years to read HP and yet I don't think this series will ever live up to the hype.

sarah pekkanen said...

Just came across your site.. thanks for all the great recommendations. I read Twilight and Breaking Dawn earlier this month, and I agree. It seemed like things dragged on too long -- yet I couldn't stop reading! I would've loved a bit more action. The idea is really original, and the writing was good, though.
Sarah Pekkanen (a reader and new author)