Saturday, July 7, 2007

Review: Zara

Zara by Mary Hooper
Rating 2 1/2 stars

Zara and Ella are best friends because they were both 2 weeks late starting school and everyone had already found their groups. Ella comes from a fairly normal 2-parent family, even if her dad is a bit strict and embarrassing, while Zara's mother is a drunk. When Zara decides that she's a psychic, she convinces Ella to join her in a quest to fool the other girls at school by doing things like guessing their star signs and reading tarot cards. But soon Zara's taking her newfound medium-hood too seriously and exploiting people's secrets to get attention.

This was a pretty good book, though not one of my YA favourites. I think teen girls who are interested in astrology and tarot cards would find it interesting. It also showed how shallow teen friendships can be (the weak basis for Zara and Ella's and the fact that they don't actually seem to like each other much, plus the way rumors ruin another friendship in the book).

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