Tuesday, July 31, 2007


More Alphabet Challenge quickies...

Three Bedrooms in Chelsea by Liz Ireland - I believe I took this one on our trip to Minnesota last year - I seem to recall reading it on a plane. When actress/waitress Edie Amos's reporter boyfriend suddenly leaves on an extended trip to Uzbekistan, she doesn't know how she'll keep up the rent on their shared (but really his) Chelsea apartment. After all, she's just been fired from her only acting job as a dancing fava bean. The only thing to do is find a roommate. First she gets tall, blonde, and scary Greta Stolenbauer, who has a crazy ex-boyfriend yelling in the street for her and whose idea of exercise is smoking while watching the Yoga channel. Then a tiny bit of storage space becomes a third bedroom for Danielle Poitier (actually Porter, but she thought the extra i's sounded classier), a Texan princess who begs for the room because she's determined to make a go of a writing career without her daddy's money and influence. Goodbye privacy, hello club-hopping, dodging the landlord, and chasing dreams. I don't remember a lot about this one - it's fairly standard chick lit, especially Edie's approaching- 30-but-not-settled-with-a-guy-or-a-job problems. But Greta, with her sad German childhood and attempts to live a better life is interesting and silly Danielle grows up a lot. Typical Chick Lit with a misfit friends theme and some character development and humour.

The Bachelorette Party by Karen McCullah Lutz - More Minnesota memories - I picked this one up super cheap from Barnes and Noble at the Mall of America. Zadie Roberts is a high school teacher who finds herself fantasizing about the young Abercrombie model in her English class as the rest of her friends pair are getting hitched. Her last attempt at monogomy was with her now-famous soap opera star fiancee, who left her at the altar. When she learns her best friend Grey is going to marry her perfect cousin Helen, Zadie feels like her world is ending. To make matters worse, Zadie has to attend Helen's tea and yoga bachelorette party, planned by her equally dull friends. But when the party takes a naughty turn, and Helen sets out to prove that she uptight, Zadie doesn't know what to tell Grey about his bethrothed's behaviour. Will she save Grey from a future of unhappiness or ruin their friendship forever? Fluffy, girlie fun with big helpings of bitchiness, naughtiness, and laughs.

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