Friday, July 30, 2010

Dresden Files

As part of the Four Month Challenge, I'm supposed to read a book in a series and the one after it. Well, even without the challenge, I've read 3 in a row of the Dresden Files series and I'm in the middle of the next one. That puts me on #10 of 12.

So, this is my post for the Challenge, but also it's a plea to read these books. They are awesome. You will love them. Harry Dresden is a wizard in present-day Chicago who actually advertises in the Yellow Pages. He helps the police with "special" crimes that can't be explained by regular means. He's funny, sardonic, brave, chivalrous, stubborn and generally just someone I'd like to know. One of the highlights of the series so far? I mentioned it a few weeks ago - he brings a friggin' T-rex back to (supernatural) life!!! He has a wonderfully huge dog called Mouse who is descended from ancient Chinese Foo Dogs and an enormous 30-pound cat named Mister. One of his best friends is a Holy Knight and one is a tiny, kick-ass blonde female cop.

So, read them!!!
All the info you need is here:

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Unknown said...

Ha, funny. I used two Dresden Files books for the same category in T4MC. I do enjoy them also!

How are you enjoying Mockingjay?