Friday, January 29, 2010

Unsung YA Heroes

I'm a bit late, but Kelly is very kindly letting me enter. Basically YA-philes are spreading the word about YA books people might have missed.

Details are here!

I used her LibraryThing model, all of these books are shared with me by less than 500 members.

Love, Cajun Style by Diane Les Becquets
Oooo, this book is steamy! The setting of a Louisiana summer as well as the longing and lust that settle over the town as they seem to fall prey to the same mischief that strikes the characters in the local theatre's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Dramarama by E. Lockhart
I lurve E. Lockhart because she's funny and fabulous and this book has both in spades. Two Midwestern teens (a straight girl and a gay guy) long to get out of their boring Midwestern lives. They get the chance with a whole summer of musical theatre at drama camp. Get your jazz hands ready, people!

My Cup Runneth Over by Cherry Whytock
A slightly younger and much sweeter Georgia Nicolson, Angelica Cookson Potts feels fat and inadequate next to her former model mother. But with the help of her super best friends, she finds that she's really talented in areas like fashion and cooking. I love that her family lives so near to Harrod's that it's basically their 7-11 (I'm envious!) and the book is sprinkled with cute drawings from Angelica's diary. I can also totally relate to those running-over cups at a young age, if you know what I mean.

Scrambled Eggs at Midnight by Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler
My husband and I go to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival almost every year, so I was bound to have a soft spot for this one. Calliope's been following her "wench" mother around to Renaissance Faires for years and hasn't seen her father in ages. Eliot's dad got religion a few years ago and moved him and his mom to a tiny town to set up a Christian fat camp. When these two meet, it's love at first sight, but of course their parents disapprove for different reasons. It's a lovely, poignant, amusing story. My original review of this ended with "Jousters, fireworks, recipes, love, sadness, paddleboats....this book has it all!"

Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman
I'm a sucker for Pride and Prejudice-alikes! Julie's best friend Ashleigh is an Enthusiast. When she gets into something, she's into it. Both girls love Jane Austen and so Julie goes all the way, having them wear vintage gowns to a "ball" at a local boys' school to find themselves some young gentlemen. Witty exchanges, misunderstandings, love triangles, and True Love ensue.

The Minister's Daughter by Julie Hearn
An illegitimate pregnancy brings a Puritan minister's cunning daughter and a merrybegot (born on May Morning, she and her healer grandmother still believe in the old ways and in the fairy folk). Years later the lies come out at the Salem witch trials. It's like an even more dramatic version of The Crucible!

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