Monday, February 16, 2009

Daring Book Challenge Wrap-Up

June 15, 2008 - February 15, 2009

So, I did the relatively short version of this challenge, just 6 books. Thanks to Callista for hosting it!

1. Emily of New Moon by LM Montgomery
2. The Hoboken Chicken Emergency by Daniel Pinkwater
3. The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander
4. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell
5. Beauty by Robin McKinley
6. The Secret of the Mansion by Julie Campbell

Favourite book: Beauty, by a long shot - a wonderfully written re-telling of Beauty and the Beast.

Overall thoughts: This challenge made me read some classics I should've read long ago, which was great. As much as I love LM Montgomery, I found that coming back to her in adulthood without the foundation of childhood love (which I have for Anne of Green Gables) was a bit tough - I couldn't give myself over to Emily as I did to Anne when I was young. I found Trixie Belden and Black Beauty really old-fashioned, especially the latter. I enjoyed The Book of Three more than I thought I would, not having been a fantasy fan as a child and not being much of one now.


MySillyWinks said...

Montgomery is one of my all-time favourite authors. The Emily of New Moon is quite good. I never really got into the Anne series as much but loved Budge Wilson's "Before Anne" book. If you are looking for a really good Montgomery book, my mom and I's absolute favourite is "Jane of Lantern Hill".

tinylittlelibrarian said...

Jane of Lantern Hill is my next fave after Anne - I loved that little house!